12 Sept 2013

The Dirty Angels on the big screen

Our track Queen of Angels has won the spot for end of film credit role in new British Independent Thriller Eden Lodge


The mind and the body are separate entities…

One a space filler and the other boundless, we combine the two through music. Gift wrapping emotion inside three minutes as a kind of phonetic consumer confection!!! Love in music where all else fails…


"Life will present opportunity and the choice is to follow or ignore…
I believe in Cosmic Dynasties and these be the brethren bestowed onto me to act with in entertaining to create soul food for those that would be Musical Partisans. This is not an option but a life's drive and workings from tears of fire and sweats of blood!!!"


"It all started for me when I was introduced to Christian by the infamous Blu, AKA Dickie Davis who is known throughout north london for his various antics and shenanigans. This was the start of something beautiful as we began crafting melodious tunes to the sound of our intoxicated pulse beats. My guitar is to me like a six stringed enemy, that must be beaten into submission whilst simultaneously providing some ambient noise. I live for music, viva the sound. Celebrate".


"I came to be in the band by Divine Providence, by the Grace of God, Amen. My music name is Monritziay Gypsy Jones but i have many names such as Mau Morosie Rosie Monritz Mario Morose Morris and the one you gave me Maroush lol".


"I grew up in the sound and lived in the noise
A fistfull of fire and a mind to destroy
Took a train to the city and lost flesh by the pound
I shall be eternal, immersed only in sound"


"The greatness started by meeting Christian in the local pub. After sessions and sessions of music and drinking!! We had our first Jam at the joint in Kings Cross where I first met Ali. And as they say the rest is history!

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O2 Academy, Islington

Friday 21st November

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